How to get more power on your shots

Being able to get the perfect amount of power on your shot is just as important as being able to shoot on target. 

Hitting a powerful shot does not require putting all your strength into your shot. In fact, this will actually hinder the shot, it’s about focusing on technique rather than power.

Start making good habits and learn the right technique of striking the ball to achieve more powerful shots.

In Saul’s easy to follow steps, you can learn how perfect your technique from the run-up to the finish.

  1. Moving Ball – The only time a ball will be static if for free kicks, corners and penalties. Practice how you’ll play. 
  2. Angle of approach – Kick the ball out in front of you, try to get a 45degree angle as you approach the ball then finish straight and square with the goal.
  3. Frame the goal – See the goal, picture where you want it and then keep your eye on the ball.
  4. Non-Kicking Foot By The Ball – Get maximum power when your non-kicking foot is by the ball when you shoot.
  5. Connection – Keep your head and shoulders over the ball and get good contact with your laces and the ball for optimum connection.
  6. Follow-through – The aim is to hit right through the middle of the ball so the ball shouldn’t spin in the air. You should ALWAYS follow through and land on your shooting foot.

Check our Saul’s vide for an easy to set up practice so you can get more power on your shots and score more goals.

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