The importance of working on your weaker foot in football

It is now becoming more and more imperative in the modern game to be able to use your “weaker” foot if you’re serious about being the best player you can and making it to the top.

Why is it important to work on your “weaker” foot?

To be a top player, it is key now more than ever to practice and work on your weak foot as well as your dominant foot.  If you can improve your weaker foot and use it effectively in both training and games there are many benefits and advantages you’ll have over your opponents.

Being able to play the game with both feet will allow you to:

  • Open up the game and pitch for you
  • Become unpredictable
  • Have you more options on the ball
  • Improve stability, balance and agility
  • Enhance your technique and technical game
  • Shield the ball on your weaker side and move the ball into different areas

What training should I do on my weaker foot?

Ideally, you want to practice to be able do everything you can do with your stronger foot with your weaker foot. Take it slow and start with some basic ball control and passing until you become more comfortable on the ball and develop a natural technique. Here are some practices you can work on in training to improve your weaker foot:

  • Striking and passing the ball with all parts of the foot
  • First touch to control the ball with different parts of the foot
  • Progress to moving the ball in different directions with your first touch
  • Short and long distance passes working on power and accuracy
  • Receiving the ball along the ground and in the air
  • Dribbling, turning and skills

How much time should I spend practicing on my weaker foot?

Every opportunity you have to train or get touches on the ball, you should have an element of weaker foot training. If you’re serious, then you should also be practicing in your own time outside of training. If you don’t use your weaker foot or are reluctant to use it, then it will never improve! Challenge yourself in training first and you’ll then gain the confident in games to use your weaker foot…and don’t be afraid to make a mistake!


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