My son or daughter is behind their friends in football and lacks confidence?

Many parents often contact me with this question, concerned their child is a little behind their peers, whether it’s school football or the local grassroots team.
I’m fortunate enough to have had over 20 years of experience in football coaching, these 2 decades have given me the opportunity to coach and see 100’s of young players develop.

Having this wealth of experience I can honestly tell parents not to panic… Kids develop at different rates. The gold medalist at 7, 8 or 9 is often not the gold medalist further down the line.

Football, like any other area, is a skill-based game and we as parents and coaches can help our children by supporting them and accelerating their learning.

It’s amazing how quickly a player can gain confidence with an individual-based programme and as we all know…football is a confidence game. Players with confidence can often feel like a superhero on the pitch and things become that little bit easier.

That’s why I handpick and personally train all PDA Football coaches to train to my methodology that encourages confidence and brilliance on the ball because it doesn’t matter if your child is a little behind their fellow players. With hard work and deliberate practice, they could soon be in the medal positions!

Master The Ball, Master The Game.

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