Noni Madueke’s Pre Season Pays Off

PDA Football 1 on 1 Head Coach Saul Isaksson-Hurst has been training with PSV’s attacking midfielder, Noni Madueke.

Saul and Noni have been working over pre-season on 1v1 opportunities, specific to his position to create goal-scoring opportunities.

Saul used unopposed training to Noni’s training and linked all the drills realistic game scenarios ready for the pitch.

Noni scored in the Champions League against Galatasaray and two in the cup final, of which two goals are identical to what Saul and Noni worked on. Check out Noni’s goals below!

Here is what Noni had to say about working with Saul:

“Saul’s sessions are high intensity and technically and physically challenge… It’s a perfect way for me to sharpen up and work on my game.
I can’t recommend him enough!”

Check out how Noni’s took his pre season training into his game and scored some incredible for PSV: 

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