Saul Isaksson-Hurst Speaks with Inspire Football

Coaching drive

Our head coach Saul Isaksson-Hurst spoke to our friends at about his coaching methods and his approach to developing world class technical players. He talks in depth about this 10+ years in elite coaching environments and how his passion is to create as many technically excellent players as possible through his coaching and online training programmes.

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The topics covered

Saul covered a wide range of topics including the following

  1. His background and experience in coaching at elite and recreational level.
  2. Why technical coaching is his passion and its importance in developing technically excellent football players that can impact football games.
  3. His philosophy and how it fits with the “Game is the teacher” model.
  4. The benefits of unopposed practice in isolation and the importance of dominating 1v1 scenarios
  5. The importance of developing two footed players and how every elite player must be able to play off both feet.
  6. Skill acquisition with the focus on repetition and muscle memory to get the technical aspects into the sub-concious.
  7. How a typical 1on1 session and team sessions are planned with multiple outcomes
  8. The shortage in 1v1 technical role models in the English game but there is a great crop coming through in youth football.
  9. Coming through growth spurts and psychological issues as a player develops. The importance of knowing your players.
  10. What the future holds on his coaching journey.