Goal Setting

Setting football goals for the upcoming season will not only help your mental training, but it will also measure your performance.

Here are some tips from PDA Football to help you set your goals.

Think about having 3 different goal stages:

  • Short Term – Your next game
  • Medium Term – Your next 5/10 games
  • Long Term – End of the season

First, you need to start with having your end of season goals, for example, you want to score 20 goals, your medium goal would be to try and score three games in a row and your short term goal should be to create 5 shooting chances per a game.

Then think about what you can do to help achieve your long term goal. There are two ways to look at this:

Performance Goals

This is down to your performance, what do you want to do better and how are you going to do it? These goals should be based on activities you can add to your training as well as your games.

Such as taking 50 shots on each foot after training twice a week, work on your tactical training for 20 minutes a day, watch back your games and pick 3 points to work on for the following week etc…

Outcome Goals

This is your desired outcome, often used for longer-term goals as they usually have some dependent on your teammates as well as you.

These goals can be anything from being part of the starting squad in your next game, keep fit for an entire game or win the next 8/10 games.

SMART Goals, not Hard Goals

  • Specific – make them as detailed as you can
  • Measurable – you need to be able to track and evaluate your goal/outcome easily
  • Achievable – is it in your power to achieve this goal? If
  • Realistic – the goal should be realistic yet challenging
  • Time-bound – you need to set a date for when the goal is to be achieved by

When setting football goals are you need to think, how am I going to get there?

Talk to your teammates or coach and brainstorm how you can get there and be the best player you can and want to be.

Most importantly, after you’ve completed a game or training session, reflect! How did the game go? Did you put maximum effort in? Are you going to hit your goals? If no, what do you need to work on?


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