Max Aarons

Max Aarons Norwich City and England Pro

Saul’s footballing beliefs, expectations, and personal qualities will have
a very profound Influence on your game, he gets to the very heart of ball
control, the details of It, without doubt, he is a master at It, make no
mistake, a world leader and world class in technical coaching. Saul has had
an overwhelming influence on my son’s development with his no nonsense
approach. Most players can quickly pick up on whether their coach is good,
the man Is great, Saul’s pure unadulterated passion and desire for the game
to be played with skill will Improve any player. He will make demands of
you, push you, develop you, and guess what, the tradeoff will pay
dividends. I thank you, and cannot recommend you enough.
Max’s Father
Saul really gets into the details of skill I love that, thanks a lot Saul, your help and
sessions have been massive for me and helped me a lot, the hard work starts now!
Max Aarons
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