Elite 1on1 Player Development for Aspiring Academy and Academy Players

PDA Footballs Personal Football Training will give Players the opportunity to experience the training that players get at some of the best Premier League Academies in the country. Our 1on1 football specific personal training is designed to focus on the areas that a youth player needs to succeed in the modern game. PDA Football will help you improve your technique, flexibility, speed, agility, power with and without the ball. Players with ambitions of being scouted can get an honest evaluation of their ability, they will also get a training program which gives them the best opportunity to fulfil their ambition of playing for a professional football club.

Check out all of the players who have come through PDA Football and Now Play at Pro Clubs

PDA Football has close links to Premiership Clubs and players attending 1on1 football coaching sessions identified by PDA Coaches have gone on to trial at Premiership Clubs and some have gone on to sign with Academies of Premier league Clubs. We are committed to player development and assisting youth players fulfilling their potential. Working with a personal football coach from PDA Football will give you access to a methodology created at the very highest echelons of the game.

Signed Academy Players

PDA Football works with many signed Academy players who want to improve their all round technical game. PDA Football’s unique philosophy works on individual technique with particular focus on 1v1 domination. Signed academy players often don’t get the individual technical support that they need as often Academy training is team focused. Our sessions are designed around individual players needs and include first touch, aerial control, passing, shooting, running with the ball and how to beat players.

The Training

PDA Football has developed a methodology refined at the very highest echelons of the game. Our Director of coaching has many years experience of working for the Academy of both Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea Football Club. PDA Footballs methodology is built on ball mastery and becoming technically excellent in all areas. A key part of this philosophy is 1v1 domination, being able to beat an opponent with a dribble or a turn.

PDA Football Elite player training sessions also look to develop dynamic football specific movements. Making the player more explosive with a ball.

Preparing players for trials

PDA Football’s long history of working in academy football means it has a insight in what academy scouts and coaches look for. We also understand what academy players look like in terms of performance on the pitch. This has meant PDA Football being successful in getting players signed to

Academies of Premier League Clubs

Our private football coaching will develop all the areas of the game needed to be successful in Academy football and also give the player and parents an idea of what exactly scouts look for.

Working with a private football coach with PDA Football will give you an edge over your opponent and help you stand out from the crowd.

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