Chin Barnet FC U18s

“I originally took my son, Chin, to see Saul to get a professional assessment of his potential a few years ago. He had been progressing at grass roots club level and wanted to take it further – but I wanted to get a professional opinion before committing the time and money. Being a proud dad is often not the best position to make these sorts of decisions!

Saul was an outstanding find. Honest, direct and plain speaking, we soon knew exactly where we were and what was achievable. The results were instantaneous, mainly due to Saul’s unique coaching style, philosophy and infectious enthusiasm that brings out the best in any player.

Saul’s advice was spot on, and even though it took a lot of hard work Chin soon found himself playing for a top grass roots club, collecting regional trophies and playing at invitation only national tournaments.

This season we were delighted when Chin was signed (early) to Barnet FC as an U17 squad member with a direct pathway to a first team contract – if he works hard enough!

Saul still manages to surprise us though! Chin was born in Thailand and holds dual citizenship. On our most recent visit Saul hooked us up with a guest spot at a Thai football academy – which resulted in him being invited to represent a premier Thai academy team in a Swedish national tournament. It is evident that Saul’s professional experience and reputation can open doors across the globe.

Obviously, I cannot recommend Saul’s training programmes highly enough. I can honestly say that if you follow his advice and work hard then dreams can be realised.”

Chin’s Father

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