PDA Football 1on1 Head Coach Saul works with England’s Nya Kirby

It was great to meet up again in pre-season and work with Nya Kirby again. I coached Nya Kirby for several years from U8, he has now progressed into one of the best young players in Europe. He is a regular feature for English Youth Teams and is a current Pro with Crystal Palace. Nya is an inspiration to all of you guys who aspire to go all the way. His immense hard work and positive attitude has payed off.

He contacted me to sharpen up before the up and coming season, wanting to make a positive impression on Crystal Palaces new manager Frank De Boer. We worked on midfield specific activities with lots of shooting and finishing. Nya is a top player and i’m honoured to have players a part in his development and that he has asked me to continue to support him.

PDA Football 1on1 & My Personal Football Coach Head Coach Saul Isaksson-Hurst


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