Cyrus Christie – Nottingham Forest and the Republic of Ireland

Cyrus Christie is a defender for Championship club Nottingham Forest on loan from Premier League club Fulham and the Republic of Ireland national team. Saul used position-specific training with Cyrus and set up a channel to work inside on the right-hand side of the pitch. 

“I always like to look for the extra one per cent, as they call it, to stay on top of my game, and I think if you do this it gives you a lot more longevity in the game. When I sat down with Saul when I first met him 18 months ago, we discussed what I really wanted to do. We went more towards the attacking aspect because I do more defensive training at Fulham.

Saul helped me improve my Ball Mastery and 1v1, I can definitely recommend Saul’s training.” 


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