Kurt Devonshire – Oxford City Development Squad

“When I first met Saul I was a solid sunday league player and nothing more; I had a very simple outlook on the game. Within around five or six one to one sessions it was hard for others to recognise the player that I was developing into. Not only does he provide you with the tools/skills to get you out of a difficult situation, but he teaches you to perform them with intensity and explosiveness. Most impressive was the variety of drills that he provided for me to really test myself. He elevated me to a level where even the top professional club academies were looking at me.

When you train, you train to improve and you train because you enjoy it. Saul’s training exemplifies this perfectly. It is a credit to him that I used to travel an hour from outside London every time I went to train with him because I knew the training I would be receiving would be the best. I can only thank him for helping to mould me into the player I am today. I would recommend him to any up and coming footballer who wants to improve wholeheartedly.”

Kurt Devonshire Oxford City FC

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